Hydromax7 Pump Reviews. How Does it Really Work?

15 Oct

Every member of the sterner sex may experience a plethora of insecurities related to his physical appearance and capabilities, career, etc. However, most men pay too much attention to the size of their manhood.

This isn’t surprising, as it takes quite a lot of effort to experience an orgasm and deliver one to your partner. When it comes to the quality of sexual life, impressive penis size is a crucial factor.

How Does Hydromax (5,7,9) Work (Review)?

Men with a small penis constantly experience discomfort, which may result in various intimate issues. Weak erections, diminished potency, premature ejaculation – all these problems are the fate of a man with a small genital organ.

We present to your attention an innovative product: the Bathmate hydro-pump review. This is an effective and safe device designed to incite the growth of the penis naturally and return to normal all the male sexual functions. Click here to read more about the pump.

Water-based penis enlargement pumps like Bathmate Hydromax7 and Penomet have a fairly simple principle of action. The user places his penis inside the chamber, and the vacuum created inside it improves blood flow in the male organ. In turn, the enhanced blood circulation stretches the cellular tissues of the penis, contributing to an increase in its size parameters. The pressure inside the chamber is created using pumping performed by the user. In this process, water plays a key role, because it ensures safety and minimizes the likelihood of injuries. The warm water makes the skin of the penis soft and elastic.

Compare Bathmate Hydromax and Penomet

The present-day market offers a vast variety of water-based penis pumps that have won the trust and popularity among men worldwide.

However, Hydromax7 is the most sought-after device of the kind. The main competitor of this model is the Penomet pump. Both pumps are reviewed here.

Quick note
The main advantage of the Hydromax7 over its counterpart is that the user has the opportunity to select an individual pump size.

Before buying the device, the man should measure his penis and choose a suitable model of the Bathmate. The availability of different sizes maximizes the tightness during use and the effectiveness of pumping. Structurally, the Bathmate Hydromax has an integrated gaiter.

On the other hand, the Penomet pump comes with a set of removable pumping mechanisms which the user has to replace frequently.

Hydromax Results (Before and After)

We suggest you acquaint yourself with the list of results every user of Bathmate Hydromax7 can achieve:

  • Magnified size parameters of the genital organ (by 15-25%). The penis becomes larger regarding both length and girth;
  • The man gets to enjoy stronger erections that last longer, which enables him to arrive at intense orgasms and bring his partner to an equally enchanting climax;
  • A boost to the man’s potency and libido allows him to lead a more active life of intimacy;
  • Premature ejaculation becomes a thing of the past;
  • An increase to the seminal fluid volume per ejaculation makes the man’s climax brighter;
  • The user regains confidence in his sexual abilities. As a result, his stress resistance grows, and insecurities disappear.

Hydromax7 Pump Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of the most popular questions asked by potential users of the Bathmate Hydromax pump in this review.

Is it safe to use?

Many men inquire about the safety of using this water-based pump. We’d like to reassure all potential users of the device: the  safety of its operation is confirmed by the results of corresponding clinical and laboratory tests .

This is evidenced by the relevant certificates of quality. The water-based pumping device is manufactured from top-grade medical materials that are incapable of harming the human body. The plastic and rubber are non-toxic so that you won’t have any allergic reactions on your skin.

How effective is the use of the pump?

An important aspect of using any device is its expected effectiveness. In the case of the Bathmate Hydromax, it’s been tested in laboratory and clinical conditions. Millions of male users around the world have seen for themselves the effectiveness of pumping with this product.

On thematic sites, forums and popular blogs, you’ll find an extensive amount of positive feedback coming from satisfied users.

What’s the recommended duration of use?

The duration of a course of treatment with Bathmate Hydromax is 6-8 months. However, the timeline may vary depending on the physiological characteristics of the man’s body and the correct execution of pumping.

Can I use the pump without water?

It is a versatile device: the user can always perform a pumping session out of an aquatic environment (such as the shower or the bathtub). However, the effectiveness of dry pumping is much lower.

How much time per day should I pump?

To achieve positive results, you should have daily pumping sessions that last no less than 15 minutes. Initially, perform two sessions a day: in the morning and the evening.

What are the possible side effects?

Of course, like any other mechanical device, the Bathmate Hydromax pump can cause a range of adverse side effects. However, they should be expected only if the user has failed to follow the recommendations and instructions.

In that case, these negative effects can occur: stretching, hematomas, and cracked skin. To avoid them, familiarize yourself with the detailed instructions before using the device.

How to use the penis pump?
Before pumping, keep your penis in warm water for a while (5 minutes will suffice). Fill the working chamber of the device with water and place the penis inside the tube.

Make sure the gaiter is tightly pressed against your pubic bone. This will ensure a vacuum that is necessary to stimulate blood circulation.

Perform the pumping for 90-120 seconds. Some of the liquid will be discharged from the chamber through the special valve which you can see at the end of the pump. After two minutes of continuous pumping, take a 30-second break. During this time, your penis should be out of the working chamber.

Comparison of the Bathmate Pumps

The series ‘Bathmate Hydromax7‘ is intended for use in water. This device employs innovative technologies that enhance the effectiveness and safety of its action.

Did you know?
The novelty bellows pump and valve boost its performance by 35%, which provides for achieving the desired results rapidly.

The Bathmate Hydromax series consists of several models that differ in their parameters (the diameter and length of the working chamber).

The entire Bathmate collection includes three lines of devices:

  1. HydroXtreme – models with a bulb for pumping the air out and creating a vacuum;
  2. Hydro7 – the standard model;
  3. Hydromax – the water-based pump for boosting the size parameters of the penis.

Is it safe to use the Bathmate Routine?

It is the most effective and safest penis enlargement pump with a water-based action. Make sure to purchase the device on the manufacturer’s official website, so that you’re guaranteed to receive the original high-quality product.

The Bathmate manufacturer regularly offers promotions and discounts, which allows the customer to save a fair portion of his budget.

Draw your attention to certified products that comply with all international standards of quality and safety. The manufacturer delivers the pump to all regions of the globe, so any man in the world can become the owner of a Bathmate device, regardless of his area of residence. Order a hydro-pump for penis growth this very day and minute – and watch your sex life change for the best.