Best Penis Straightener 2022. How to Use and Whch One to Buy?

15 Jan

Varieties of penis extenders

The small size of the penis is a problem common among men. However, today there are a large number of devices with which you can increase the size of the male genital organ.The most common way to straighten a bent penis is use the extender

All existing dick straightening devices can conditionally be divided into several categories:

Vacuum cock straighteners – Penimaster PRO and Phallosan Forte

Penis expanders of the SizeGenetics for Peyronies, the Quick Extender Pro Peyronies device.
Each man chooses for himself the most suitable device that can solve a complex of various intimate problems.

How to use penis straighteners and where to buy?

Penimaster PRO and Phallosan Forte are effective vacuum devices, the tip of which is worn on the glans penis. They are easier to use and are selected according to the current size of the penis. A reusable silicone cover is put on the penis, at the end there is a vacuum tip to which the fixing cover is attached. Such an installation is practically invisible under clothes and does not cause discomfort and pain during use.

SizeGenetics Peyronies Edition rod traction penis straightener consists of two support rings and a fixing belt, the penis is stretched under the influence of metal rods, the length of which is easily adjustable.

You can buy rod and vacuum penis stretching devices on the official sites. It’s cheaper, you can get free shipping, order additional spare parts.

How do vacuum and rod cock devices work to straighten a curved penis?

Regardless of which straightening device a man prefers, the effect of using this or that extender is the same – the increased size of the penis, the alignment of congenital and acquired curvature, as well as the normalization of sexual function.

Vacuum expanders operate as follows. During the placement of the penis head in a vacuum flask, as well as the tension of the device by means of a fixing belt, tight space is created inside the pump. The vacuum stimulates the flow of blood to the cave tissues of the penis, due to which they expand.

In addition, this effect provides training for blood vessels that become more elastic and resilient. Due to this, the size of the penis becomes larger not only in length but also in diameter.

Classic rod expanders allow you to implement the Penis traction technique, which consists of stretching the cave tissues of the penis under the influence of traction. As soon as the voltage rises, the cellular tissue begins to expand, respectively, the blood flow increases.

As you can see, despite the design differences between the cock straightening devices, as well as their technology for influencing the problem, in the end, men get an absolutely identical result. The duration of the use of vacuum extenders is slightly higher than the course of using boom extenders. Also, the physiological characteristics of the body affect the duration of a positive effect.

If you want to increase the size of your penis, we recommend using the safe, proven and effective Penis traction method, which cannot be done without the use of auxiliary vacuum or barbell extenders.

Online shopping. Buy a penis extender online

The easiest way to order a penis straightener is to visit its official site. I always buy the devices directly from the manufacturer. You can be sure:

  1. You order quality penis extender
  2. You can get an official money-back guarantee
  3. You can save money
  4. You can ask the support about the device
  5. You can buy additional spare parts for a dick straightener