Disclosure Policy

In this article we want to talk about our disclosure policy. You must understand that on our resource we post various recommendations about which products for male or female sexual health we consider, recommend, or want to advise.

On this resource, we express our own exchanges about why it is time to buy a particular product, what in our opinion it has positive properties and what exactly we think about it.
We express our own opinion and talk about what we like or dislike about male sexual health products.

We have the right to express such an opinion and we try to back it up with some facts with real photographs before and after, we use official facts that we find on the Internet and which you can personally verify.

A review on this site contains a lot of different useful information with facts, comments, our thoughts, information not from doctors who published anything about this product. We try to give the most complete and clear picture of what kind of product it is and why it is worth buying in order to improve our sexual health.

Of course, all the information that we post here is our own opinion, this is a subjective opinion, but we try to maximally present those facts that are well-known and generally accepted about this product.
In order to make sure that the information is current, we put links to the resources about which it writes. We are also guided by customer reviews that we find on forms to improve male potency.

Consumers are looking for information from real users who have tried the product. In order for the information to be complete, we provide its photo and video with text instructions, you have links to various external sources that can be considered authoritative.
We hope that while working with our site you will understand exactly what information we provide, how to use it, and why we consider ourselves experts in the field of improving male sexual health.