Privacy Policy

Resource cheekbones with Ovsy carefully and seriously refers to your privacy. This material tells in detail about what information this site collects, how it uses this information, and why you need to know what we are doing with this information.

So, let’s talk about the usual collection of information about visitors, so absolutely all sites in one way or another examine the information about the visitor who come to the site and what information I collect in principle: these are IP addresses, this is browser data, these are different timestamps. This information is collected by various analytics services, while it does not contain any personal data.

And we, as the owner of the site, do not request this data from you. So, what you should know about files: so cookies are used to save information about the site and really provide a good user experience when you return to this resource. Various ad networks such as Facebook or Google ads can use cookies to drive retargeting lists.

We want to say that our site does not host beacons of such systems as Facebook or Google emfs. This means that by visiting our resource and opening its page, you will certainly not be driven into various retargeting lists.

How we control your privacy So, we ask you to turn Nemanja to these browser settings that you have today. It is here that you can turn off cookies in principle so that information about you cannot be collected by various advertising networks or analytics, which is also an art feature on our website.
So what you should know about what information about yourself you can leave on our website

So, on our site you have the opportunity to register and leave your comment. What do we need for this? First of all, we ask you to come up with your login, as well as provide a real email address to which information about your account will be sent.

You will need this data if you want to leave a comment again or receive a notification that someone will respond to your comment. This may be the author of the site, manager, or another visitor who joined the conversation.

Our site does not bear any responsibility for how it manages information about its visitors.
Since we do not collect any personal data about you, although we use cookies on this site, we cannot create a database of our visitors in any way.