Do Penis Pumps Work? Learn Facts and Compare Results

17 Oct

Almost every modern man believes that his penis size is not large enough to satisfy his sexual partner and achieve the desired orgasm.

Against this background, mental and sexual disorders can occur including regular depressions, nervous breakdowns, as well as a weak erection, low potency, reduced libido, premature ejaculation, etc.

A special pump for stimulating the penis enlargement is an innovative and effective device with which you can safely increase the size of the penis. To date, there are a vast number of pump models, which differ in the principle of their work and functionality.

Quick note
All existing pumps can be divided into two broad categories – vacuum and hydro ones.

The two types of pumps look entirely the same. However, the principle of their work is somewhat different.

Let’s see do Penis Pumps Work

Hydro PumpVacuum Pump
A hydro pump is considered a safer device that minimizes the likelihood of stretch marks and hematomas due to the presence of water inside the working flask. Water softens the pressure force, steam out the flesh and makes it malleable to the impact of pressure. Hydro pump designed for use in the shower or bath. As an exception, the manufacturer allows the use of a hydro pump without water.
The principle of operation of the vacuum device is almost the same as in the previous case. The pressure stimulates blood flow to the penis. In turn, the blood cells expand the vessels and cavernous tissues of the penis, thereby increasing its size and normalizing the sexual function of the body.

How to use a penis pump

The  main difference between the vacuum device and the water pump is the use of the outside the water environment . That is, the hydro pump can be used out in any place convenient for men, where it is possible to have privacy – at home, on vacation, traveling, etc. With the proper use of a penis pump, the likelihood of adverse reactions is excluded. However, dry vacuum considered a more aggressive environment than the case of a water vacuum. Therefore, during the operation of the device, you should monitor your feelings. Otherwise, the user will not be able to avoid hematomas, stretch marks, and cracks.

Do Vacuum Pumps Work and Improve your Erection?

Vacuum Pumping Technology
The technology of vacuum pumping is easy to use, regardless of the type of the device, which can be manual or automatic. Before using the pump, it is necessary to disinfect the working flask with a special agent or rinse underwater (not suitable for automatic pumps).

Lubricate the camera at the base with a non-greasy lubricant. Carefully put the penis into the cylinder, tightly pressing the working gaiter to the pubic bone. Performing the pumping movements of the gaiter and pumping out the air with a pear by pressing a particular button, a vacuum is created inside the working flask. Stop and look through the transparent tube. The penis will redden slightly, and there is also an erection, which is caused by artificial means. We are waiting for 30 seconds and release the remaining air in the flask by opening the valve.

We make a 60-second break, during which the erection weakens, after which we repeat the next exercise. The duration of the pumping should not exceed 20 minutes. The number of daily workouts is 1 or 2. At the same time, with each new exercise, the duration of vacuum exposure should be increased. The maximum period of vacuum exposure cannot exceed two minutes.

Are Penis Pumps Effective?

The practical and safe impact of the pump on the male’s sexual problems has been repeatedly tested in clinical and laboratory studies.

Clinical Facts
In the course of such experiments, it was found out that with regular use of the pump, the size of the genitals in a man increase by 15–25%. At the same time, the penis size becomes larger not only in length but also in girth.

In addition to the brand-new size of the penis, the man gains significantly improved sexual functions, and the symptoms of erectile dysfunction disappear in case of the systematic pumping.

How to use a penis pump correctly? To get visible results from the use of hydro and vacuum devices, you must complete a full course of treatment, the duration of which is from 6 to 8 months. Deadlines may vary slightly depending on the specific model of the pump and the physiological features of the male body.

How to Use the Hydro Pump?
The method of using the hydro pump is simple, safe and effective. Before proceeding to direct pumping, a man should steam his penis for 5-10 minutes in warm water. The hydro pump can be used both in the shower and in the bath. After the tissues of the penis have relaxed and become softer, the man should take a previously disinfected pump, lubricate it with a waterproof lubricant and gently put the penis inside the working flask. The working gaiter should be tightly pressed against the pubic bone. At the edge of the flask, there is a sliding valve through which a part of the water comes out during the pumping process.

More tips about penis pumping

Before putting the penis into the flask, fetch some water should inside the tube. Perform pumping movements for 30 to 60 seconds. After you see that the penis has increased in size and an erection has occurred, stop and wait for 20 seconds and loosen the vent valve. Remove the penis from the flask, rest no more than 60 seconds. After that, you can continue to perform exercises to increase the penis and eliminate signs of erectile dysfunction and you will answer your question “Do penis pumps work” easily.

Does Bathmate or Androvacuum work?

Let’s conduct make a comparative analysis of the hydro and vacuum devices – Bathmate and Androvacuum. First of all, it is worth mentioning that the Androvacuum unit has a universal size that does not require selection following the size of the penis. Bathmate hydro pump must be chosen under the current size of the penis.

Both devices resemble a laboratory test tube enlarged several times. The working flask of both pumps is transparent, which makes it possible to control the force of pressure and to observe how the penis changes externally.

The Bathmate water pump consists of a working flask, and discharge valve at the edge. The base of the pump is a practical and wear-resistant gaiter, made of high-quality rubber.
The Androvacuum automatic vacuum pump is a device that does not require manual intervention in its work. The design of the device consists of a working flask and a special cap with a button for switching on and switching off the mechanism.

Materials and effectiveness

Before using the pumping device, it must be treated with a special antibacterial agent or washed with soap and running water (not suitable for automatic pumps). To secure and facilitate the insertion of the penis into the working flask, you have to lubricate the base of the flask with a waterproof lubricant.

Did You Know?
To enhance the effect, a special gel/cream/serum can be applied to the surface of the penis, which contributes to a stronger and more powerful erection.

After using the device, wash the flask under running water using soap. Allow the pump to dry before carrying the pump to the storage bag. The product is quite fragile. Therefore it is necessary to avoid dropping and strong mechanical impact on the surface of the flask.

Possible Side Effects

During the process of proper use of the pump, the man will not experience side effects. However, there are cases when the user fails to follow the instructions according to the manual. As a result, the user can observe the series of side reactions, which are expressed by the following aspects:

  • The appearance of red and purple spots on the surface of the penis;
  • Hematomas;
  • Unnatural sensations and discomfort during erection;
  • Dryness and irritation of the skin;
  • Short-term erection decrease;
  • Cracks, bruises, and pain.

How to choose a vacuum penis pump

Before you buy a vacuum pump, you should carefully learn information about the manufacturer and its activities to find out if this penis pump work. Prefer only to popular brands that exist on the international market for a sufficient period.  Make sure that the product is certified.  As a rule, the manufacturer puts all the necessary certificates and licenses on the official website confirming the safe effect of the pump on the surface of the penis.

It is recommended to buy the device only on the official website of the manufacturer. Thus, the user protects his rights and health, guaranteed by purchasing original products. The official website regularly holds promotions and discounts that allow the customer to save money significantly.

A Brief Description of Pumps

 BathmateAndrovacuumX4 Labs Male Power
First/Max results (days)30/36560/1807/180
BenefitsBigger penis,
improved erections,
increased libido
and satisfaction
from sex
Reduced ED, enhanced
erectile function,
improved performance
in bed, penis enlargement
Increased blood
circulation to the
penis, treats ED,
temporary penis
PriceFrom $110€149 - €199$39.95
Money back60 days60 days180 days
Doctor Approved

Androvacuum is an automatic vacuum pump designed to stimulate the enlargement of the penis, eliminate the scary symptoms of erectile dysfunction, prevent impotence and boost potency. That is an ergonomic device, which made of high-quality raw materials. The minimum number of contraindications and side effects significantly expands the consumer range. The cost of the invention demonstrates that this is a premium segment and costs about $300.

The budget X4 Labs Power device is a vacuum manual pump, the design feature of which is a pumping pear with a connecting tube. The pump exists on the market for a sufficiently long period and effectively performs its primary function – enlargement of the size of the penis. The cost of this vacuum pump does not exceed $100.

Recommendations to Accelerate the Penis Enlargement

If a man wants to achieve classy results from the use of the pump very quickly, experts recommend the use of complex therapy, which consists of the additional use of the biologically active food additive VigRx Plus, as well as the use of the Penimaster Pro Extender.