Penimaster PRO Review: Belt and Rod Extenders Compared

8 Oct
PeniMaster device

In modern medicine, there are a vast number of ways in which you can stimulate the enlargement of the penis.

There is not only surgery, but also all sorts of devices: vacuum pumps, hydro pumps, and penis extenders. However, the most popular among men is Penimaster PRO.

A penis traction device (e.g. Penimaster Pro) is a particular device, which aims to stimulate penis enlargement. Due to its design features, the principle of the extender is to stretch the penis, according to the means of tension and pressure. Special fixing rings securely hold the penis, while metal rods create tension and stretch the cavernous tissues of the penis. During the work of the Penimaster Pro extender, the blood circulation is activated, due to which the man improves all aspects of sexual function. The erection is normalized, the level of testosterone in the blood increased, the potency increased, the curvature of the penis is fixed, and the libido boosted, etc.

What Results Can I Achieve Using Penimaster PRO complete set?

We can highlight the top most popular penis traction devices that are effective. These include the following:

All listed penis stretchers work according to the same principles, as well as being structurally similar.

Phallosan Forte


In the process of using a Penimaster PRO extender, the penis size increases by 15 – 30%. Additionally, the man will experience positive changes in his sexual functioning. The duration for obtaining these positive results depends on the individual user’s body characteristics.

As a rule, to experience the first visible effects, it is necessary to wear an extender at regular intervals for 30 to 90 days.

For maximum and lasting results, a man should undergo a full course of treatment, the term of which is at least 6–8 months. In this case, it all depends on the particular model chosen.

Advantages of Using the Penimaster device

Let’s consider some positive features that each man should expect in buying and using an extender:

  • A comprehensive solution to intimate problems
  • An increase in the size of the penis
  • A safe and effective treatment that has been tested in clinical trials
  • A patented device that meets all international norms and standards
  • A painless effect that does not cause discomfort
  • A minimum number of contraindications
  • No side effects in the process of proper operation
  • An affordable cost for the device
  • An original product with high-quality materials, which ensures safe and efficient use of the extender
  • Worldwide delivery

COmpare Penimaster PRO to another device

DeviceResultsPriceMoney back
#1. Penimaster Pro+20-30% to penis sizeBasic + Bundle - €325,25
Rod expander - €289,00
Belt expander - €269,00
Basic - €199,00
30 days
#2. Phallosan Forte+ up to 1.89 inches to penis length
+ up to 0.98 inches to penis girth
$339.0014 days
#3. SizeGenetics+ up to 1.8 inches to penis length
+ up to 0.6 inches to penis girth
Value - $199.95
Comfort - $249.95
Ultimate - $299.95
Peyronie's - $299.95
180 days
#4. Male Edge+ up to 3.5 inches to penis length
+ up to 30% to penis girth
Basic - $149
Extra - $174.99
Pro - $199.99
365 days
#5. X4 Labs+ up to 3.3 inches to penis length
+ up to 35% to penis girth
Deluxe Value - $74.99
Premium Standard - $119.99
Extreme Premium - $189.99
Anniversary Comfort - $199.99
Ultimate Luxury - $249.99
Patriot Limited - $299.99
180 days

We offer a comparison of the features of the most popular extenders, which have a positive impact on common intimate problems among men.

The models SizeGenetics, Male Edge and X4 Labs are standard extenders that consist of retaining rings and pull metal rods.

X4 LabsMale EdgeSizeGenetics
X4 Labs can be considered one of the most compact extenders, which is almost not noticeable under clothing. Simplicity and ergonomics are the main features of the device.
Male Edge is a wide variety of compact extenders that differ in the cost and bundling of the set.
The SizeGenetics represent the most extensive catalog of models. These are various devices in their configuration, including additional elements in the design in the form of fixing belts, pulling rods, etc.

There are also modernized models of penis enlargement devices, which combined the functions of extenders and vacuum pumps.

Phallosan FortePeniMaster Pro
The Phallosan Forte device consists of a vacuum attachment that stimulates blood circulation and a special belt that fits around the hips. The strap provides tension on the penis and stretching of cellular tissue.
Extender Penimaster Pro has a classic appearance, a distinctive feature of which is a vacuum-adhesive mounting at the edge of the device.

Criteria for Choosing the right Penimaster package: Rod Extender, Belt Extender, Chrome, Weight Extender

Before you get a Penimaster device, you should select the most suitable model. First of all, you should pay attention to the quality of the material from which the extender is made.

Quality certificates and manufacturer comments demonstrate the safety of the raw materials used.

As a rule, self-respecting manufacturers use only medical plastics and metals. That, in turn, guarantees the consumer will obtain positive results of the treatment without the manifestation of adverse reactions in the form of rash, irritation, or allergies.

Male Edge


When choosing a penis traction device, pay attention to the manufacturer’s warranty. Many developers (e.g. SizeGenetics, Male EdgeX4 Labs) are guaranteed to refund money to the consumer if the promised results are not seen within 60 – 90 days.

Be careful, because, in the modern market, many unscrupulous manufacturers have begun to sell low-quality and fake goods, which are not only ineffective but are also unsafe for human health. Therefore, when choosing an extender, ask the seller for supporting documentation.

How to Fix the Penile Curvature with Penimaster Pro?

A small penis is not the only problem that contributes to the development of complexes in men. Quite often, men experience discomfort due to penile curvature. After all, penile curvature steals scarce centimeters from the overall length.

Clinical facts
Due to stretching of the muscle and cellular tissues of the penis, as well as the effects of pressure on the upper flesh, devices like the Penimaster PRO provide the alignment of the penis.

Does Penimaster Pro Work?

Before you establish contact with the manufacturer of the device to answer questions that are not clear to you, we recommend that you read the following list of common questions:

Is It Safe to Use Penimaster PRO?
The impact of the extender on the intimate problem of men is a 100% safe process, the effect of which has been repeatedly tested in clinical studies. However, only the official manufacturer can provide security, which sells original products guaranteed. Before using the device, you should learn the instruction, in which you can find all the steps of the tool put on, the rules and the duration of the carrying.
Possible Adverse Body Reactions
If the user made mistakes during wearing or fixing the Penimaster, then it is entirely possible that side effects may appear. As a rule, these are mechanical lesions, which entail stretch marks, wounds, and hematomas. Wearing an extender should not cause painful and uncomfortable sensations in a man. If there are such, you should immediately remove the device and try to fix it according to the recommendations of the manufacturer.
Duration of Wearing the Penimaster
In each case, a man should independently learn the user’s manual for a particular model, in which the terms for wearing are specified in detail. As a rule, the average duration of the course is 6 – 8 months. In this case, the length of daily wear should not be less than 8 hours.  It is strictly forbidden to use extender at night.  After all, it is during this period that sensitivity and vigilance are reduced. And this may cause undesirable consequences. The ergonomic and compactness of modern devices allows wearing the extender during the daytime without sacrificing comfort and personal look.
How Practical Are Modern Penimaster devices?
All the above-considered the best penis extenders are high-quality devices made of durable and wear-resistant raw materials. All elements securely fix the penis and correctly interact with each other. However, with regular and long-term wearing, some working mechanisms can fail. You can purchase additional spare parts on the official website of the manufacturer.
How Long Will the Result from Using the Extender Last?
Many men are concerned about the question of whether the result will remain for life? Of course, to maintain the effect obtained, the user must once every two years carry out the preventive wearing of an extender, which contributes to keeping the impact obtained for many years.
Age Restrictions for Wearing the Penis Stretcher
Even though extender devices are safe, age restrictions are still present. It is strictly forbidden to use the extender to young people whose age has not reached 21 years. It is worth noting that the male penis, just like all processes and organs in the body, develops up to 21-24 years. And if the parameters of a dick in 18 years do not reach the desired size, then at the age of 20 they can become quite worthy. It is not recommended to use the best extender for men over 70 years.
X4 Labs


Compare Penimaster Pro Technology and Penis pumping

Individual hydro pumps like Bathmate and Penomet penis enlargement pumps are the favorites among consumers and have a similar effect to extenders. A  distinctive feature of pumps as compared to extenders is their inability to fix penile curvature.  

However, the process of using pumps is much easier than an extender. A man does not need to wear a pump all day long. Spend only 30 minutes a day on pumping, and very soon you will see the first positive results. Please visit:

It’s time to change your intimate life with Penimaster Pro

Are you tired of eternal complexes and anxiety in bed? Is the size of your penis not satisfying you and your soul mate?

It is time to change this situation for the better – completely. We recommend reliable, efficient, and secure penis traction device like the Penimaster Pro

These are the penis stretchers developed by leading world brands. They all have relevant certificates to confirm their quality and effectiveness.

To date, millions of men around the world have experienced a powerful effect. It is your turn to get rid of your sexual problems with the help of the positive impact of Penimaster PRO.