Best Hydro Penis Pump Found and Compared in 2022

15 Jan

The use of pumps for penis enlargement has long been one of the effective ways to solve a sensitive problem. There is a wide range of these useful devices in the marketplace.

Among them, the Penomet and Bathmate Hydromax devices are the most distinguished. What are the differences and advantages of each of these pumps? Which brand is more efficient?

Is the Bathmate Hydromax Pump Top Rated?

Bathmate Hydromax


The Bathmate Hydromax pump works with water. Hydrotherapy with the Bathmate Hydromax allows you to get stable results after a certain period of regular use. The pump helps to overcome problems of small size and girth of the penis. It allows you to make your erection more resistant and increases sexual arousal. Learn more about the benefits of the Bathmate Hydromax.

The delivery of negative pressure is carried out using a special hand pump. The pump can be used while taking a shower or lying in the tub.

With the help of the Bathmate Hydromax, it is possible to achieve an increase in the length of the penis by up to 3.5 cm and a volume increase of up to 30%Click here to visit the Bathmate website.

Bathmate Before and After Pictures

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How Does the Penomet Pump Work? (ONE OF THE BEST)


The Penomet penis pump works by the principle of creating a negative pressure zone in the flask. During the process of use, the blood moves more intensely into the genitals, which leads to an increase in penis size. If you need to get a quick result, the use of the Penomet will be the right solution. It is recommended to apply the pump half an hour before having sex. Click here to learn more about Penomet.

What problems the Penomet pump will help with:

  • Small penis size
  • An unstable erection
  • Lack of sexual desire
  • The insufficient girth of the penis

If you use the Penomet the pump regularly, the penis enlargement results become permanent, stable, and lifelong. The size of the penis is increased by 1.5 to 3cm. It helps to improve penile girth by up to 30%.

The device has a modern design and is easy to use. The top-rated pump reviews are positive and prove its effectiveness in the battle against intimate problems. Read the testimonials.

Penis Pump Results

Penomet results


These two devices have an identical operating principle. However, the Penomet can be used without water, which is sometimes more convenient.

The Bathmate Hydromax gives stable results on the condition that it is used regularly for several months.

The Penomet water pump allows you to get instant results: the penis increases in size and the volume becomes much more substantial, right before your eyes.

Men who suffer from problems with small size and volume of the penis can use both these devices alternately (Penomet and Bathmate), noting which one has the greatest effect. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the body. In any case, these products will not disappoint you, as their effectiveness is no longer in doubt after many years of use.

Vacuum Penis Pumps


Vacuum pumps like the Androvacuum draw out the air from the tube, where you insert your penis. This kind of pump is helpful to treat erectile dysfunction and increase stamina.

The Androvacuum mechanism creates a vacuum that improves blood flow into the penis so it becomes erect and strong, so you can enjoy a more powerful sexual activity.

The vacuum can be created by hand pumping or mechanically, which helps you enjoy the results without any effort. You will need to switch it off if you feel any discomfort.

Did you know?
Sometimes men think they can increase their erection and penis size at the same time. But to be honest, air pumps like Androvacuum will not cause any penis enlargement effect. It is used to treat erectile dysfunction only.

The Usage of Hydro Pumps

The only way to enlarge the penis using pumps is to buy a hydro penis pump like Bathmate. The technology is different, and only hydro pumps can stretch your penis permanently.

It’s easy to use in the bath or shower, and you do not even need to hold your penis. The Bathmate system is safe and does not cause side effects, discomfort, or pain.

It comes in different tube sizes for your penis. You can create a perfect pumping effect when you use the right tube size.

Quick note:
Hydro pumps (BathmatePenomet) use water to create pressure inside the tube, which is soft and gentle for your penis. Water helps to reduce the painful effect of penis stretching.

It’s a new technology that is used in natural penis enlargement medicine all around the world. You will not find any other product to increase penis size that works so fast and provides results right after the first usage of the pump.

The Bathmate has a comfort pad system to get full control over your pumping process. It’s recommended for beginners because it works once you press the button. There’s nothing you need to know about pumping except the simple outcome and the routine.


Where to Buy Penis Pumps

You can order the Bathmate or Penomet on their official sites. This is the best option because you buy directly from the manufacturer at the best price possible. And it’s the perfect solution to get the best price and chose the pump you need.

There are different packages. For example, you can buy the HydroXtreme pump, or use the Hydromax. The results may vary depending on the pump type you choose.

You need to know that all the hydro pumps mentioned above are made from quality medical materials that do not cause allergic reactions.

It’s not recommended to buy a budget vacuum pump if you have not practiced penis pumping before. It’s worth investing in pumps like the Bathmate and Penomet to enlarge your penis over a matter of weeks.

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